The HPC systems at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville can be reached from any system on the UAMS campus that has an IP address that begins with 144.30 (the routable prefix for UAMS on the Internet).  

Grace's login nodes, for example, have a 144.30 address, and logged in users can ssh into any of the login nodes at UA Fayetteville from the login nodes.  Many 'hardwired' workstations on the UAMS campus also have 144.30 addresses, from which they can access the UA Fayetteville systems.  Of course, one has to ask the UA Fayetteville HPC center for login credentials on their systems, since the UA Fayetteville currently do not recognize UAMS HPC credentials.  Please contact the UA Fayetteville HPC support team if you desire credentials and an allotment of time on one of their systems.  

A very convenient way to access the UA Fayetteville HPC systems is through their Open OnDemand portal, found at  The portal is only accessible from within the two campus' internal networks (i.e. it is not available from the outside).  And for the UAMS campus, the web browser you use, from the viewpoint of the pinnacle-portal, must appear to come from an IP address that starts with 144.30.  Unfortunately if you are off campus and using VPN (i.e. or your local browser will be seen as coming from your local (e.g. home) IP address. However, UAMS IT has provided a proxy server, found at, that you can connect with while on VPN that will make it appear that your browsing is coming from a 144.30 address.  I would not leave the proxy on for general browsing, as I wouldn't wish to overload it (the proxy will slow you down),  but it does work for accessing pinnacle-portal.  

On Windows 10, a user would go to "Settings", then "Network & Internet", then click on "Proxy" in the right hand menu.  Toward the bottom of the Proxy settings page is a section labelled, "Manual proxy setup".  In that section, flip the "Use a proxy server" switch to "On", put "" in the "Address" box, and "8080" in the "Port" box, and click "Save".  The browse to and log in with your UA Fayetteville credentials.  (The Password may be stuck on the temporary password given to you when you create your account.  The UA Fayetteville folks are working on fixing that.)  When you are done, simply turn off the "Use a proxy server" switch until next time.

(Since I don't have a Mac at home, I can't provide instructions on how to set up a Proxy on a Mac yet.  But I assume they are similar.)

Note that the Open OnDemand folks recommend that you use a Private or Incognito browsing window when accessing Open OnDemand, if you wish to be logged out after ending your session.  Otherwise your login credentials might hang around until you close all of your browser windows.

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